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Are You Prepared For A Ransomware Attack?

You don’t think it will happen to you until it does. You think that your company is too small for attackers to bother with, or that you have strong security tools and processes in place, or that your Security Operations Center (SOC) team is on top of the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.  The statistics on ransomware attacks tell a different story.

A company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds. While large enterprises are attractive targets, ransomware attacks caused approximately one-fourth of infected SMBs to cease business operations immediately. And though our team might follow the highprofile threats such as WannaCry, NotPetya and Bad Rabbit, there were estimated to be more than 1,100 ransomware variants being tracked as of early 2018. 

Ransomware not only introduces significant financial risk, but can also shut down the ability of your organization to even operate.  At the beginning of this year, the Atlanta city government was hit by a ransomware attack that crippled the city’s systems for weeks, and left constituents calling for better cyber security protection. Is your business prepared for a ransomware attack? We’ve listed the current trends and techniques that you might face this year and what you can do to prevent any damage to your business’s systems or reputation.